list of animals endangered

List of animals endangered

The animals listed are affected by different degrees of threat

Discover critically endangered, threatened, endangered and least concerned animals

There are currently 16 species crytical endangered, 27 endangered, 18 animals vulnerable and 8 threatened. We also find 11 animal species which find themselves in a not very pleasant situation.

All its species are threatened by the same person responsible, the human being. There are multiple reasons for this desperate situation. If we don't react quickly, other animals will inevitably be added to this list.

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List of all animals endangered

Critically endangered animals :

Here are 16 species, among this we find two varieties of rhinoceros, and an elephant. These animals are hunted and therefore threatened because of their defense in ivory. However if the man did not buy ivory, the courses of this matter would be in free fall and would not interest anybody. It would surely save these animals.

Armur Leopard

Black rhinoceros

Bornean oranoutan

Cross River Gorilla

Eastern Lowland Gorilla

Hawksbill Turtle

Javan Rhino Rhinoceros



Sumatran Elephant

Sumatran Orangutan

Sumatran Rhino

Sunda Tiger Panthera


Western Lowland Gorilla

Yangtze Finless Porpoise

Endangered animals :

Unfortunately, there are still three species of elephant. But among its species, whales are the most endangered. Indeed overfishing, the non-compliance of certain countries with the quotas set up, means that within a few years the oceans and seas will be totally devoid of these sumptuous mammals.

African Wild Dog Lycaon

Asian Elephant

Black-footed Ferret

Blue Whale

Bluefin Tuna

Bonobo Pan
Borneo Pygmy Elephant


Fin Whale

Galápagos Penguin
Ganges River Dolphin

Green Turtle

Hector's Dolphin

Humphead Wrasse

Indian Elephant

Indus River Dolphin

Irrawaddy Dolphin

Mountain Gorilla

North Atlantic Right Whale

Red Panda

Sea Lions

Sea Turtle 

Sei Whale

Sri Lankan Elephant


Whale Balaenoptera

Whale Shark

Animals vulnerable :

These animals classified as vulnerable encounter other problems than hunting or overfishing, it is global warming which directly threatens its different species. The polar bear, the first direct victim of global warming, the melting of the ice floes makes seals disappear. Consequence for the bear, a lack of food.

African Elephant

Bigeye Tuna

Black Spider Monkey


Forest Elephant

Giant Panda

Giant Tortoise
Great White Shark

Greater One-Horned Rhino Rhinoceros


Leatherback Turtle

Loggerhead Turtle

Marine Iguana
Olive Ridley Turtle

Polar Bear

Savanna Elephant
Snow Leopard 

Southern rockhopper penguin

Near threatened animal list :

We must react immediately for the animals which are near threatened. Otherwise, very quickly, these animals will disappear forever. This will cause an imbalance in the food chain of animals.

Greater Sage-Grouse

Jaguar Panthera

Mountain Plover


Plains Bison

White Rhino

Yellowfin Tuna

List of animals least concern :

Arctic Fox

Arctic Wolf

Bowhead Whale Balaena

Brown Bear

Common Bottlenose Dolphin

Gray Whale

Macaw Ara

Skipjack Tuna

Swift Fox

Tree Kangaroo

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