list of animals extinct

List of animals extinct

 Here are the last 10 extinct species

Tiger, dolphin, rhinoceros, and more other animals. 

Many animals have disappeared from the planet for various reasons, man is partly responsible for the disappearance of certain species. Animal extinctions can be caused by various natural phenomena such as global warming or cooling or even changes in sea level. Discover now the list of animals extinct. The destruction of habitat another important factor, actually the development of agricultural land, the decrease in forests the main cause of modern extinctions. Overfishing, hunting, still factors worsen the situation of endangered animals. 
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List of all animals disppeared

Animals disappeared for 10,000 years to the present day :

Some of the animals extinct on the list have been missing for a long time, while others have disappeared only very recently. Unfortunately no matter the date, these animals disappeared forever from the planet with all the consequences on the ecosystem and the food chain.

Sabre-toothed Cat : Smilodon, is an extinct kind of very big cat, he lived about 10,000 years ago. It was an extreme predator, essential in the food chain, it naturally regulated the number of species. The saber cat also ate carrion, another important point in the ecosystem.

Woolly Mammoth : The Woolly Mammoth was relatively similar in size to the current African Elephant. Males reached a height of 3.4 m and weighed up to 6 tonnes. It totally disappeared about 4600 years ago. This animal was precious for the men of the time, they used its defense to make tools. Its disappearance undoubtedly caused changes in the way of human live.

Dodo : The Dronte of Maurice also called dodo, was a large bird, it could measure up to 1 m in height for a weight of 10 kg. Discovered in 1598, the dodo died out less than a century after its discovery. Imagine, not even 100 years of existence for this bird.

Great Auk : The Big Penguin was 75 to 85 cm tall and weighed about 5 kg, This species was unable to fly, this may be one of the reasons for its premature disappearance. You should also know that Men have hunted the Great Penguin for more than 100,000 years, it is surely this merciless hunt for the species that caused its decline.

Stellers sea cow : Also known as a sea cow, Steller's cow was a large, completely harmless marine mammal. Despite this passivity, the human still succeeded in completely eliminating this species. The animal disappeared in the 18th century, shortly after men had discovered it.

Tasmanian Tiger : Is a carnivorous marsupial mammal the size of a large dog. He had stripes from where his name Tasmanian tiger. Since 1936, the species is considered extinct. He was mainly living in Australia and New Guinea where several thousand years ago, we do not know the exact date of his first appearance.

Pyrenean ibex : a mammal from the Bovidae family, however this species was distinguished from the others by the presence of large horns. This species officially died out in 2000. As this disappearance is recent, we must ask ourselves the question of knowing if the different parties are really aware of the problem of the endangered animals.

Passenger pigeon :  the passenger pigeon, Ectopistes migratorius, was at the time the most abundant bird in North America and perhaps in the world. It's been almost 100 years since the passenger pigeon went extinct. How did you get there? A bird so spread out that suddenly disappears.

Baiji White Dolphin : This dolphin lived until the end of 2006 only in the Yangzi Jiang river, in China. Then it disappeared completely from the Chinese rivers. The causes of the extinction of the Baiji with dolphin are multiple, pollution, fishing net. Again the man responsible for the disappearance of a species.

West African black rhinoceros : Too often threatening, the white rhinoceros from west africa has finally completely died out. The bad luck of this animal is to have an ivory horn on its head. The only reason for its extinction.

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